Social responsibility

Business everywhere is increasingly aware of its responsibilities to wider society and the environment. This is reflected in a number of developments at Bayes, promoted by students and staff.


The Environment Group and The Bayes Community Group were both established in 2010.

The Environment Group looks conceptually at the environment and business. It encompasses a range of environmental issues including veganism, sustainability and challenges in the local community

The Bayes Community Group is another broad-ranging initiative with a philanthropic focus. The group has organised a number of fundraising events.


Staff running a number of practical engagement schemes to compliment the overarching internal social responsibility strategy. Bayes staff can take two days off work to do work such as helping children with learning difficulties and improving literacy in women who have suffered domestic violence.

Bayes has also established a long-term partnership with an orphanage and schools in Ethiopia. Two students and one staff member have already travelled there to teach and run extra curricular activities.

Ethics at Bayes

As an academic institution, we have been working to apply a more explicit ethical context in our programmes, curricula and learning outcomes for the business community to follow.