PG Cert in Legal Leadership

Our Postgraduate Certificate in Legal Leadership will support your personal development and career management plans as a Lawyer.

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Programme overview

Developed in partnership with the RPC Centre for Legal Leadership and its experienced group of in-house lawyers, the qualification offers academic rigour and professional practitioner relevance.

The programme can be taken as the first part of a projected Master's degree, and will enable lawyers of all levels to meet their development needs and those of their teams.

You will be able to confirm your existing knowledge, complete gaps, and develop new and deeper understanding and practical learning to continue to progress in your career. Successful participation and application of the concepts will support you in managing a competent team, without gaps and unnecessary overlaps with other functions, and will allow you to demonstrate their personal competence to both the regulator and your own business.

Throughout the Postgraduate Certificate Programme, you will not only explore the principles, theories and practical application, but also how and where a good lawyer can not only add value to the business by integrating this with their legal knowledge and skills, but also how they can apply the same business principles, theories and practices to their own work and team.

Who is the programme for?

We designed the programme with an executive cohort in mind. The typical industries that would benefit from this programme include:

  • Lawyers or Head of Legal
  • Group, General or Deputy General Counsel
  • Vice President Legal or Company Secretary
  • Non-legally qualified senior managers with responsibility for a legal function
  • Multi-nationals and large corporates
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Banks and Insurance firms
  • Charties and Utilities
  • Central and Local Government
  • Organisations operating in regulated industries such as financial services or pharmaceuticals.

Focus and structure

Module 1: Strategic Management You will explore the foundations of strategic management as the practice and theory of making decisions that shape the future of the organisation. The aim of the module is to develop your ability to understand, develop and execute better strategy. It is concerned with strategic decision-making and the long term successful direction of the organisation.

Module 2: Accounting and Financial ReportingYou will become familiar with the management practices of Accounting and Financial Reporting - a fundamental skill for an effective manager in today’s business environment.  You will build your ability to understand and interpret financial information, with an appreciation of its strengths and limitations including issues where legal and financial principles differ.

Module 3: Introduction to organisational behaviour
You will study the impact individuals, groups, and structures have on human behaviour within organisations. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes sociology, psychology, influencing, communication, and management.  This module will blend knowledge and high impact professional development components to create a shared understanding of how to sustain competitive advantage through human capital, and increasing your ability to manage your own team and influence key decision makers in the organisation.

Module 4: Organisational behaviour and Strategic Leadership
You will explore more advanced themes of running a business, including operational areas and how lawyers can work with them. You will look at   the roles of shareholders, internal and external stakeholders (including investors, regulators, media and customers) and managers.

More information

For more detailed information about the programme, including accreditation, admission requirements and assessment, please download the programme brochure.