Centres of excellence

The Costas Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance (STF) facilitates international dialogue between industry, government and academic leaders, and undertakes applied research.

Centre for Charity Effectiveness (CCE) provides a unique centre of excellence in Europe with a mission to increase the effectiveness and achievement of voluntary and community organisations.

Research centres

Centre for Asset Management Research (CAMR) provides a stimulating environment where academic theory can be discussed as readily as the latest trends, products and developments in the asset management industry. The Centre's activities are aimed at encouraging this relationship between theory and practice.

Centre for Banking Research (CBR) promotes high calibre academic research in the field of banking and to foster the teaching of banking subjects to a high standard.

Centre for Econometric Analysis (CEA) promotes and supports research by leading researchers in econometrics (methodological and applied, macro and micro), financial econometrics, and other quantitative methods used in finance.

Centre for Financial Analysis and Reporting Research (CeFARR) develops user-relevant research in the areas of financial reporting and analysis for the valuation of securities.

Centre for Professional Service Firms (CPSF) is dedicated to researching leadership and change in professional service firms and facilitating the development of the professional service firm of the future.

Centre for Research in Corporate Governance (CRCG) carries out multi-disciplinary research into corporate governance at National, European and Global levels.

Emerging Markets Group (EMG) Provides a forum for research and exchange of information on foreign exchange and financial markets in emerging economies.

Ethos: The Centre for Responsible Enterprise (CRE) explores issues of responsibility, sustainability, ethics and governance in organizations.

Pensions Institute (PI) serves as a clearing house for information on pensions, with particular emphasis on the UK system and publicises PI research and activities. The Pensions Institute is the first and only UK academic research centre focused entirely on pensions research.

The International Centre for Research in Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change (ICRODSC) links international researchers who share an interest in developing and applying discourse methods in the study of organizations.

Research Centre for Real Estate Finance (REFIG) conducts research in real estate investment and the commercial property market together with leading figures in the industry.

ESRC Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy (CGAP) aims to build a better understanding of charitable giving and philanthropy for donors, charities and policy-makers; and to promote the strategic role of philanthropy in meeting today's social needs.

Centre for New Technologies, Innovation and Enterprise (CENTIVE) bridges the technology/business interface by focusing on science-based sectors and key issues that exercise practitioners, policy-makers and academics

Mergers and Acquisitions Research Centre (MARC) is the first centre at a major business school to pursue leading-edge research into the global mergers and acquisitions industry.

Film, Media and Entertainment Research Centre (FMERC) works with the film industry to analyse current practice, develop new ideas and explore the latest trends in markets, new technologies, convergence and global media strategy. 

Centre for Research in Asian Management (CRAM) promotes, conducts and publishes research into Asian business and management locally, regionally and globally. Research is conducted in multi-disciplinary and collaborative international networks of leading experts from around the world.

Research and special interest groups

Behavioural Finance Working Group (BFWG)  studies human behaviour, its motives and the implications for finance. Behavioural finance is at the cross section of finance and psychology, with linkages to economics and sociology.

Group for Leadership Evidence Analysis and Development (LEAD) has one of the largest groups of leadership scholars. Leadership is studied from different disciplines and disseminated through public seminars and research workshops.

University Interdisciplinary Centre

Centre for Health Enterprise, one of the University's interdisciplinary centres, is hosted by Cass Business School. Its focus is to unite research, practical translation, education and policy, around the needs and prospects to improve the effectiveness and governance of the whole care ecosystem.