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    1. January 2015



      Time: 18:00

      Category: Book launches

      On the 13th of January, we will launch a ground-breaking new book by Carl Cederstr m and Andr Spicer. They argue that the ever-present pressure to maximize our wellness has started to work against us, making us feel worse and provoking us to withdraw into ourselves. The Wellness Syndrome follows health freaks who go to extremes to find the perfect diet, corporate athletes who start the day with a dance party, and the self-trackers who monitor everything, including their own toilet habits. This is a world where feeling good has become indistinguishable from being good. Visions of social change have been reduced to dreams of individual transformation, political debate has been replaced by insipid moralizing, and scientific evidence has been traded for new-age delusions. A lively and humorous diagnosis of the cult of wellness, this book is an indispensable guide for everyone suspicious of modernity s relentless command to be happier and healthier.

    2. January 2015



      Time: 18:00

      Category: Alumni events

      We are delighted to invite you to an evening reception which will be attended by Alderman Alan Yarrow, the Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of the City of London and City University London's Chancellor.

    3. January 2015



      Time: 18:00

      Category: Receptions

      We are delighted to invite Full Time MBA students to an evening networking reception which will be attended by The Executives Association of Great Britain. This event is a unique opportunity for FTMBA students and members of EAGB to meet, mix, and develop skills to become a more effective networker.

    4. April 2015



      21 days

      Time: 09:00

      Category: Conferences

      The organising committee of the European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance are pleased to announce that the thirteenth conference will be hosted by Cass Business School, City University London, UK. This event is a unique opportunity for academics at all levels and interested practitioners to present and discuss research in this important area.