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Talk Proposal Submission

We invite you to submit a one-page abstract for consideration. Both academic and practitioner proposals related to R are encouraged. We welcome submissions for full talks and abbreviated "lightning talks". Presenters are strongly encouraged to provide working R code to accompany the presentation/paper. Data sets should also be made public for the purposes of reproducibility (though we realise this may be limited due to contracts with data vendors). As there will be no parallel sessions, a limited number of full talks can be accommodated and preference may be given to presenters who have released R packages.

The submission deadline for abstracts is 28 March 2013. Please email your abstract (in txt or pdf format) to rinsuranceconference at gmail dot com.

The conference committee consists of

- Markus Gesmann
- Jens Perch Nielsen
- Andreas Tsanakas
- Christophe Dutang