10th Energy and Finance Conference
"Energy Finance - Challenges and Opportunities"

23rd - 25th September 2015
Organiser: Nikos Nomikos

13th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance
15th - 17th April 2015
Organisers: Rob Melville, Vincent Rawley                                                                    

4th Emerging Scholars in Banking and Finance Conference
8th - 9th December 2014
Organisers: Thorsten Beck, Barbara Casu & Daniela Fabbri

15th OxMetrics User Conference
4th - 5th September 2014
Centre for Econometric Analysis
Organiser: Giovanni Urga

Longevity 10 Conference
3rd - 4th September 2014
Santiago, Chile
Organiser: David Blake

R in Insurance 2014
14th July 2014
Organiser: Andreas Tsanakas

10th Annual Asset Pricing Retreat
4th June 2014
TIlburg University
Organiser: Alessandro Beber

The Cass Real Estate Conference 2014
28th May 2014
Organiser: The Cass Real Estate Club

4th Emerging Markets Group Conference
8-9 May 2014
Organiser: Kate Phylaktis

Past Conferences