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The Centre for Creativity facilitates and delivers inter-disciplinary research in creativity, innovation and leadership that draws on diverse and complementary activities in business, technology, design, psychology, arts and engineering. 

The Centre includes a wide range of academics with strong research expertise, whose research has been rated both internationally excellent and world leading in the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise. 

It is also a focus for leading-edge interdisciplinary doctoral research, as well as a number of exciting postgraduate research projects conducted by Masters students. 

The Centre has already been a partner in a number of large EU-funded research projects, as well as other projects funded by industry and a range of UK government agencies. The results of research carried out within the Centre are published in leading journals and conferences, and a selection of our publications are available online.

Highlight Research Project: JUICE (JoUrnalIst Creative Engine)

Computational Support for Creative Story Development by Journalists

Project description

This Google-funded project is researching, piloting and evaluating a new software prototype, called JUICE, to implement creative search strategies that journalists can use to strengthen investigative storytelling more efficiently than with current news content management and search tools. It builds on the Centre’s previous research that developed advanced creative search algorithms and interactive creativity support tools.

The JUICE prototype will be implemented in Google Docs, and provide interactive support for a journalist to explore new story directions during the early stages of story development. This support is automatically generated from automated creative searches of trusted online news stories and twitter content, and is presented to the journalist is directed prompts to stimulate the journalist’s creative thinking.

The Google news release about this project as part of the Google Computational Journalism Research Awards in Europe is at: http://googleresearch.blogspot.co.nz/2015/06/google-computational-journalism.html


Staff and funding

Principal investigators: Prof Neil Maiden, Prof George Brock
Research Staff: Dr Konstantinos Zachos and James Lockerbie
Total funding: $US 59,400
Funding to the Centre: $US 59,400
Funding source: Google
Duration: 6 months (2015-2016)

A first version of JUICE is due for release at the end of November 2015. Journalists will evaluate this version and provide feedback on it to develop new and enhanced versions of the prototype.

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