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CassCreativity seminars and events

Below is a list of some of our current and past talks and events. Where part of the text is highlighted you can find out more by clicking on text. If you want to know more about our past events, get in touch with us by email: creativity@city.ac.uk


Autumn Semester Seminars

12/10/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Service Design 2.0 – The next generation. Service Design’s coming of age Daniel Letts

19/10/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Identifying disruptive talent: Individual-level predictors of workplace innovation  Professor Fiona Patterson

26/10/2016: #CassCreativity seminar What is the value of the arts in management and leadership education? Mary Ann Kernan

02/11/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Creativity and Innovation in Competitive Newsrooms: New forms of Digital Creativity Support for Journalists Neil Maiden and George Brock

30/11/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Creative technology in the real world: stories of entrepreneurship in (East) London Nico MacDonald

07/12/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Towards a 21st century arts centre Irini Papadimitriou

Past Events

04/05/2016: #CassCreativity: The relationship between design and business: the lego Serious Play case Our tweets from the seminar available on Storify

23/03/2016: #CassCreativity seminar The Culture of Collisions: Why the Arts and Science Collide @CERN

16/03/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Strategizing in creative contexts

24/02/2016: #CassCreativity seminar “I wouldn’t start from here… “: Framing the right questions for innovation in business" Read the insights of Shivanee Brigham our Masters in Innovation Creativity and Leadership student.

17/02/2016: #CassCreativity seminar Creative game-based learning in professional work

03/02/2016: Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice Masterclass: Big Society, Curse or Blessing? On Wednesday 3rd February 2016 The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice hosted an international masterclass in collaboration with HAN University of Applied Sciences and Impact Hub Islington. Our tweets from the day are available on Storify.


The Inaugural Creativity Lecture: The Past, Present and Future of Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

Tuesday 22nd December at Cass Business School

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice held its inaugural lecture in Cass Business School. Invited guest speaker Brian Dorval briefly outlined the history of Creative Problem Solving (CPS), the impact it has had, where it is now, and where he sees the future of CPS.

Brian Dorval has more than 25 years’ experience helping people, teams, and organizations significantly improve their personal performance and business results. He has delivered more than 500 innovation programs, training courses, and management-coaching and performance-improvement sessions for companies in 20 countries. As past vice president of client services for the Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc., Brian worked with many Fortune 500 and Times 1000 organizations to enhance performance in innovation. He is one of the co-developers of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) version 6.1™, publishing more than 60 articles, chapters and books on the topics of creativity, mental imagery and problem solving. He has conducted original research on the relationship between creative thinking and mental imagery and uses the results of this and other research to help organizations, teams, and individuals better understand and use their creative talents to solve performance problems in new ways. Read the History of CPS.


Brian Dorval's lecture was jointly organised with Perspectiv, a consulting and training company, combining proven methodologies with practical application to enable organisations improve performance.


14/05/2014: ICL Talk Thinking Upside Down: Jim Prior, CEO The Partners and Lambie Nairn

14/04/2014: ICLCity2014 Forth annual conference from the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice.

12/03/2014 : ICL Talk How To Know Where Failure Will Be OK: Professor John Howkins, Visiting Professor at City University, London.

12/02/2014 : ICL Talk Positively Speaking: How to craft conversations for leadership and innovation: Paul Z Jackson, Co-founder and President of the Applied Improvisation Network

09/01/2014 : ICL Talk: Technology adoption through human-centred design: Jan Srutek, Senior Interaction Designer, Foolproof


11/12/2013 : ICL Talk: Innovation, Creativity and Leadership from one of the UKs Greatest: Jeffrey Hyman, Founder of Pret a Manger

13/11/2013 : ICL Talk: John Mathers, Design Council CEO

09/10/2013 : ICL Talk: Creative leadership through exploiting virtual, physical and imaginative spaces - Professor Clive Holtham

06/03/2013 : ICL Talk: ICLTalks Twitter: Interactive Playshop - Your Future in 140 Characters - William Wong

06/02/2013 : ICL Talk: Secrets of the Creative Action Man - Tim Wilson


05/12/2012 : ICL Talk: The Rise of the Purposeful Entrepreneur - Darren Robson

07/11/2012 : ICL Talk: Creative Conversation with James Barnett

03/10/2012 : ICL Talk: Women and leadership - How women get to the top

22/05/2012 : City at Digital Shoreditch: INNOVATE - External event

26/04/2012 : Inaugural Lecture: Creativity, Innovation and Quality of Life - Prof. Patrick W. Jordan, Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice

31/01/12 - Creativity to Design and Support Care for People with Dementia - Prof. Neil Maiden, School of Informatics, City University London


16/11/11 - The Creative Catalyst - Creativity in the realm of Community Arts - Illugi Eysteinsson, artist/architect/educator.

02/11/11 - Gamification, Innovation and Transformation - Anja-Karina Pahl, Innovation Professional.

27/07/11 - Creative Problem Solving in an Age of Complexity - Brian Dorval, Founding Partner of Think First Serve®.

10/5/2011 : The Big Picture, cultural scanning and more holistic approaches to innovation - Gregg Fraley, Founding Partner of Kiln.

12/4/2011 : Stories in Business - How and why - Dr. Kate Hammer, Founding Partner of Kiln.

29/03/2011 : Innovation Maturity - David Straker, Author of creatingminds.org

22/03/2011 : Spaces, Media and Collaboration - Alex Soojung-Kim Pang,
Visiting Fellow at Microsoft Research Cambridge.


30/11/2010 : Public Creativity - Nick Mahony, Research Associate with Centre for Citizenship.

9/11/2010 : Collaborative Innovation Between SMEs and Corporate - Danny Wootton, Innovation Director for Logica UK.

26/10/2010 : 6 stages: Create, develop, reason, intuit, judge, decide, - so why did we stop teaching people good judgement? - Graham Rawlinson, Director of Next Step Associates.

04/10/2010 : How un-order can enable creativity: Exploring the Cynefin domains of knowledge - Elyssebeth Leigh, FutureSearch.

28/09/2010 : Facilitating Creative Collaboration - Alison Coward, Founder of Bracket.

21/09/2010 : Designing Creative Spaces - Prof. Clive Holtham, Cass Business School

07/07/2010 : How to Focus and Win - Chuka & Dubem Okonkwo - The Twins: EnvironMENTAL Training

15/06/2010 : Idea Engineering Workshop - Araceli Camargo-Kilpatrick - Founder, The Cube London.

10/05/2010 : Designing with Texture - Alan Blackwell, Reader in Interdisciplinary Design, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

20/04/2010 : Creative Story Writing Workshop - Susan Rogers, Course Director, Royal Holloway, University of London.

30/03/2010 : Web Conferencing and Creativity - Mick Angel

23/03/2010 : Situated interactions around multitouch tables - Paul Marshall , Research Fellow, Pervasive Interaction Lab, Open University

09/03/2010 : Spaces for Creative Conversations - Mary Rose Cook, Founding Partner, Uscreates.

02/02/2010 : How to solve problems that are unknown yet: TRIZ in Space missions - Olga Bogatyreva,  Professor in System Theory,  University of Bath.


15/09/2009 : Centre Launch Event: Big City Brainstorm.