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CassCreativity Seminars and Events

The Centre has run a seminar and events series for a number of years. These seminars and events cover a broad spectrum of interests in the areas of Innovation, Creativity and Leadership. The Centre undertakes a number of seminars throughout the year as and when the opportunity arises for an interesting event.


#CassInnovate 4th May 2017

Innovation is key to companies competing in today's economic climate. Cass Innovate has been designed for individuals who wish to develop the skills to turn ideas into action. Whether you work for a big company or for yourself, whether you're an engineer, artist, IT specialist or a designer, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you are interested in the possibilities that enabling a creative climate can create for you or your company and that you're interested in finding out more about what it means to be an entrepreneur.

At Cass Innovate, you will have the chance to hear from, learn from and interact with entrepreneurs and innovators at every stage of their journeys – from fledgling start-ups to fully fledged global giants. The conference will showcase the work of staff, students and alumni from the Masters in Innovation Creativity and Leadership and MSc in Entrepreneurship, as well as friends and colleagues from a broad range of innovative organisations.

Attend Cass Innovate and learn how to hone your entrepreneurial skills and creative capabilities!

ICLCity2016 - 21st April 2016

Following a short hiatus our annual conference ICLCity returned on Thursday 21st April 2016. This year the event was held at the Sir John Cass Business School. Details on the conference can be found on our conference webpages. Do contact us if you have any queries at creativity@city.ac.uk

ICLCity 2014 - Monday 14th April 2014

For the past four years we have hosted a one day event titled ICLCity - Innovation, Creativity and Leadership - research and practice. Take a look at the details for ICLCity2012, ICLCity2011, ICLCity2013 and ICLCity2014 to find out more about these exciting events. You can also check out what sort of events we host .

Our fourth annual conference ICLCity 2014 was held on Monday 14th April. We had a fantastic response to our call and put together an excellent line up of talks and workshops with contributors from both research and practice. Thank you to all speakers and delegates. Below is the video round-up of the day.

The video below is a round up of last year's conference from the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice as we head towards ICLCity2014. Credit to both Simon Moorhead and Trish Kill, MICL students who created and compiled the video. Find out more about ICLCity 2013.

To join our mailing list and be informed of upcoming events send an email titled "Add me to the events mailing list" with your full name in the body of the message to creativity@city.ac.uk.

Learning about Creativity and Innovation

If your organisation would like to have elements of the Masters of Innovation, Creativity and Leadership delivered as a CPD course, we are open to discuss this. Such programmes can be developed with individual organisations.