Faculty & Research


Phenomenon of creativity

The Centre investigates the phenomenon of creativity and how to support it in professional practice.

The Centre treats creative problem solving as a skill. A challenging skill, but one that can be learned. A skill that can be supported with the cutting-edge techniques and digital tools that the Centre develops.

The Centre investigates creativity in 2 contexts:

  • Enhancing creativity in the design process;
  • Enabling creativity in problem solving.

Enhancing creativity in the design process

In the first context, we have researched how to enhance design processes with creativity techniques. One focus has been interactive system design. We have developed and evolved creativity workshops and techniques for use in software requirements projects. We have experimented with lightweight creativity techniques for use in agile projects - creativity on a shoestring. And we have incorporated creativity support tools into software design environments.

Enabling creativity in problem solving

In the second context, we have researched how to enable people to be more creative in their professions. We have researched barriers to everyday creativity in work. We have innovated new forms of digital support for creative thinking in everyday work. We have delivered mobile creativity support apps to support carers of people with dementia deliver more person-centred care. We have delivered data visualisations to enable energy providers think more creatively about their customers. And we have extended serious gaming environments with features to support trainees learn more effectively through creative play.