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Dr Santi Furnari

Senior Lecturer in Strategy

Faculty of Management


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Room BR4066, Bunhill Row


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Cass Business School
106 Bunhill Row
United Kingdom


Dr. Santi Furnari is Senior Lecturer in Strategy at Cass Business School, City, University of London. Prior joining Cass, he was an IRI Foundation Fellow at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Furnari does research on how new ideas, new practices, and new industries emerge, particularly in the context of creative industries and creative projects. He has also studied the performance consequences of different business models and organization designs. To address these issues, Dr. Furnari uses institutional theory, configurational approaches, qualitative methods, and fuzzy-set/Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fs/QCA). His paper titled “A Chemistry of Organization” (with Anna Grandori) has been among the first empirical applications of the fs/QCA methodology in management studies.

His research has been published in leading academic journals, such as the Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Management, Organization Studies, and Strategic Organization (among others). His paper titled “Interstitial Spaces” has received the AMR Best Paper Award for the best paper published in the Academy of Management Review in 2014. He serves on the Editorial Boards of Organization Studies and Journal of Management Studies.

At Cass, Dr. Furnari teaches "Corporate Strategy for a Globalized World" in the Executive MBA (EMBA) program, "Research Methods for Business" in the MSc in Management and EMBA programs, and various PhD seminars in strategy, organization theory, and qualitative methods. From 2010 to 2013, he has also taught "Advanced Strategic Management" in the Undergraduate Program. He received (in 2013) the Staff Recognition Award for the outstanding quality of his teaching.

Dr. Furnari is also the Deputy Director of the school's Centre for Research in Corporate Governance, the Coordinator of the Faculty of Management's Research Workshops, and he served as member of the school's Research Committee (from 2013 to 2016).

Dr. Furnari’s areas of expertise in Executive Education include: networking for business development; collaboration across silos; coalition-building, negotiation, and influence skills; strategy, organization design and business models; and strategy in digital ecosystems. He has been involved in the design and delivery of several Executive Education and Strategic Leadership programs for international corporations, including global banks, global executive search firms, and large UK manufacturing and media companies.


MSc (cum laude) and PhD.

Visiting Appointments

  1. Research Affiliate, University of Chicago's Cultural Policy Center, Sep 2010 – Sep 2013

Memberships of Professional Organisations

  1. Advisory Board Member, COMPArative Methods for Systematic cross-caSe analySis (COMPASS), Jan 2012 – present
  2. Member, Academy of Management, Jan 2005 – present
  3. Member, European Group of Organization Studies, Jan 2004 – present


  1. Academy of Management (Organization and Management Theory Division) (2012) Nomination for Louis R. Pondy Best Paper Award
    Nomination for Louis R. Pondy Best Paper Award at the 2012 Academy of Management Meeting
  2. 2010 Organization Science Winter Conference (2010) Second runner-up award
    Second runner-up award at the Organization Science 2010 Winter Conference.
  3. European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) (2009) EGOS Best Student Paper Award




Primary Topics

  • Business Models
  • Digital Economy
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Organization Theory
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Strategic Management

Additional Topics

  • Design Thinking


  • creative industries

2nd Supervisor

Sara Lara Marquez Gallardo
Sep 2013 – present, full-time
Thesis Title
Institutional Logics in the E-publising Industry
2nd Supervisor
Ian Ley
Dec 2010 – present, part-time
Thesis Title
Exploring Open Innovation: Collaboration between Academics and Practitioners in Research Partnerships
2nd Supervisor
Giulia Solinas
Thesis Title
IP Strategies
2nd Supervisor

Chapters (7)

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Journal Articles (11)

  1. Furnari, S. and Rolbina, M. (2018). Brokerage Styles and Interaction Rituals in Creative Projects: Towards an Interactionist Perspective on Brokerage. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, forthcoming .
  2. Furnari, S. (2017). When does an Issue trigger Change in a Field? A Comparative Approach to Issue Frames, Field Structures and Types of Field Change. Human Relations, forthcoming .
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Other (3)

  1. Furnari, S. (2016). Candace Jones, Mark Lorenzen, and Jonathan Sapsed, eds.: The Oxford Handbook of Creative IndustriesJonesCandaceLorenzenMarkSapsedJonathan, eds.: The Oxford Handbook of Creative Industries. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. 576 pp. $170.00, hardcover.
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  3. Furnari, S. (2012). Interstitial Brokers and Institutional Change.

Editorial Activities (9)

  1. Journal of Management Studies, Member of Editorial Board, 2015 – present.
  2. Organization Studies, Member of Editorial Board, 2015 – present.
  3. Strategic Management Journal, Referee, 2013 – present.
  4. Administrative Science Quarterly, Referee, 2012 – present.
  5. Corporate Governance: An International Review, Referee, 2011 – present.
  6. Journal of Management Studies, Referee, 2011 – present.
  7. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Referee, 2011 – present.
  8. Industrial and Corporate Change, Referee, 2010 – present.
  9. Organization Studies, Referee, 2010 – present.