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Portrait of Dr Eugenia Cacciatori

Dr Eugenia Cacciatori

Senior Lecturer in Management

Faculty of Management


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Room BR4063, Bunhill Row


Postal Address

Cass Business School
106 Bunhill Row
United Kingdom


Eugenia’s interests center around the creation and operation of complex, science- and technology-intensive products. At micro-level, she investigates the role of objects, such as physical and virtual models, on the knowledge creation and exchange processes, particularly among scientists and engineers. At macro level, she is interested in the evolving pattern of division of labor and cospecialization in industries. Her research interests include:
• The organizational processes of innovation
• Coordination in knowledge intensive work
• Artifacts and the material context of organizing – including IT
• Organizing for high-reliability
• Learning and innovation in project-based contexts.

Eugenia holds a PhD in Science and Technology Policy and an MSc in Technology and Innovation Management, both from SPRU (University of Sussex). She graduated in Industrial Engineering with Management at Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Before joining Cass, Eugenia was Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich and, previously, Assistant Professor at Bocconi University, where she was also a fellow in the research centers CRORA and CROMA.

Eugenia’s research has been published in journals such as Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies and Research Policy. She has extensive teaching experiences in the broad areas of organization studies and innovation.




Primary Topics

  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Knowledge Management
  • Organization Theory

Research Topics

Emergence, stability and change in organizational routines
Innovation in vaccines for neglected diseases
Learning in high-reliability organizations
Learning in project environments

Chapters (3)

  1. Cacciatori, E. and Grandori, A. (2011). Networked Resource Access and Networked Growth: A Double Network Hypothesis on the Innovative Entrepreneurial Firm. In Tuunanen, M., Windsperger, J., Cliquet, G. and Hendrikse, G. (Eds.), New Developments in the Theory of Networks Franchising, Alliances and Cooperatives (pp. 239–257). Springer Science & Business Media. ISBN 978-3-7908-2615-9.
  2. Cacciatori, E., Orsenigo, L. and Brusoni, S. (2008). Beyond market failures: IAVI and the organizational challenges of vaccine
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  3. Cacciatori, E., Chataway, J., Brusoni, S., Hanlin, R. and Orsenigo, L. (2008). The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) in a changing landscape of vaccine development: A public private partnership as knowledge broker and integrator. In Wuyts, M., Chataway, J. and Mackintosh, M. (Eds.), Promoting Innovation, Productivity and Industrial Growth and Reducing Poverty Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-46528-1.

Conference Papers and Proceedings (2)

  1. Blumetti, F., Cacciatori, E., Grandori, A. and Solari, L. (2004). Human resources and the growth of new technology based firms. .
  2. Cacciatori, E. (2002). Managing memory in changing engineering design firms: A closer look at the cultural dimension. .

Journal Articles (5)

  1. Cacciatori, E. (2012). Resolving Conflict in Problem-Solving: Systems of Artefacts in the Development of New Routines. Journal of Management Studies, 49(8), pp. 1559–1585. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.2012.01065.x.
  2. Cacciatori, E., Tamoschus, D. and Grabher, G. (2012). Knowledge transfer across projects: Codification in creative, high-tech and engineering industries. Management Learning, 43(3), pp. 309–331. doi:10.1177/1350507611426240.
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  5. Cacciatori, E. and Jacobides, M.G. (2005). The dynamic limits of specialization: Vertical integration reconsidered. Organization Studies, 26(12), pp. 1851–1883. doi:10.1177/0170840605059160.

Editorial Activities (6)

  1. Journal of Management Studies, Referee, 2011 – present.
  2. Management Learning, Referee, 2011 – present.
  3. Organization Science, Referee, 2010 – present.
  4. Industrial and Corporate Change, Referee, 2009 – present.
  5. Organization Studies, Referee, 2009 – present.
  6. Research Policy, Referee, 2009 – present.