Executive Education

PG Cert in Anti-Money Laundering

Building on the success of our wide range of specialist Masters and Executive Education programmes, we are pleased to introduce the Postgraduate Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) at Cass.

Anti-Money Laundering

Fast facts

Dates Duration Fee
M1: 8-12 May 2017
M2: 25-29 September 2017
M3: 22-26 January 2018
M4: 14-18 May 2018
4 weeks
(4 modules of 5 days each)
£8,000 (no VAT is charged)
Includes all meals, refreshments and programme materials

Programme overview

Throughout the programme you explore how AML fits into the activities of the City in general and also specific financial institutions. In addition, we give you management, teambuilding and communication tools and techniques that will help you lead effectively in future AML roles.

Who is the programme for?

We designed the programme with an executive cohort in mind. The typical industries that would benefit from this
programme include:

■ Banks (both retail and investment)
■ Wealth managers
■ Insurance firms
■ Law firms
■ Hedge funds
■ KYC data utilities
■ Other regulated industries, required to be compliant and adhere to certain AML rules.

Focus and structure

Module 1
You explore the foundations of AML and terrorist financing within the context of the regulatory framework and learn the ensuing obligations on financial institutions. We give you an in-depth look at the theoretical components of the legal entities that make up the investment banking customer base so you understand the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. And we show you how the work sits within the City’s way of operating, particularly in the context of current thinking and practice in terms of ethical behaviour.

Module 2
You deepen your knowledge of the high risk factors that trigger the need for enhanced due diligence, the highest level of customer due diligence. You explore the anatomy of a bank and where the risk, governance and compliance functions fit into it. We also introduce the fundamental aspects of effective leadership.

Module 3
You devise real-life situations in which you apply the theoretical concepts you have just learned to practise performing KYC analysis. You explore the risk, governance and compliance functions in more detail, as well as the importance of high performance teams.

Module 4
You analyse more advanced themes in the financial crime arena, together with new or growing trends in financial crime. You examine up-and-coming legislation and regulatory guidance within the international regulatory space. This module also explores the growing focus on risk culture, together with the importance of effective communication among stakeholders.


The programme equips you with the analytical skills to deal with the complex investigative and remedial work arising in the AML world. At the same time, it instils the importance of developing the soft skills you need to influence people and organisations. It also gives you insights into how to practise effective stakeholder management. The ethos of the programme is to produce technically proficient people who understand the AML world and how to behave professionally, responsibly and ethically in it.

More information

For more detailed information about the programme, including accreditation, admission requirements and assessment, please download the programme brochure.