A PhD at Cass

As a PhD student you want to conduct your research in a world-class business school and an intellectually stimulating environment. That's exactly what we offer at Cass, where research is fundamental to the School's strategy, objectives and culture.

As a Cass PhD student you will benefit from:

Comprehensive research training, including intensive courses in the core topics of your discipline in year one, advanced courses and development workshops in years two and three, and training designed to prepare you for the academic workplace throughout the program

Supervisory teams drawn from the international research-oriented faculties at Cass – several of them among the most influential thinkers and scholars in their respective fields.

Full immersion in the research activities at Cass.  Many students are associated with one of our comprehensive array of research centres and all are expected to active participate in our academic and practitioner-oriented research seminars and conferences.

The City of London is just minutes away, so you benefit from unrivalled access to real-world experience and knowledge. Indeed, it is our close links to the City that has enabled Cass to emerge as the intellectual hub for the City of London.

A vibrant and welcoming research community 

Cass Business School's faculty comprises over 100 research-active scholars. Many of our faculty hold impressive academic credentials – they are editors of influential journals,and highly-cited researchers –  and/or a strong industry background, including former senior economic advisors at the Bank of England and fellows of professional bodies. We draw our PhD supervisors from this pool of research talent. Each student is allocated two or more dedicated supervisors who will guide their research.  Students, however, can also draw upon the support of the entire faculty, as well as the frequent visiting scholars, to foster their development as academic researchers.


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The faculty of Management also has broad expertise in areas such as Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Operations Management, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Information Management.

The Management publication-highlights (published or forthcoming in 2014 only - post REF) include: 

Strategy, Innovation, Corporate governance:

Igor Filatotchev's paper 'Corporate Governance and Investors' Perceptions of Foreign IPO Value: An Institutional Perspective'  in the Academy of Management Journal

Paula Jarzabkowski's paper 'Reinsurance Trading in Lloyd's of London: Balancing conflicting-yet-complementary logics in practice' in the Academy of Management Journal

Davide Ravasi's paper 'How early implementations influence later adoptions of innovation: social positioning and skill reproduction in the diffusion of robotic surgery' in the Academy of Management Journal

Paula Jarzabkowski's paper 'Strategy tools-in-use: A framework for understanding "technologies of rationality" in practice', in the Strategic Management Journal

Elena  Novelli's paper 'An Examination of the Antecedents and Implications of Patent Scope' in Research Policy

Igor Filatotchev's paper 'International experience and FDI location choices of Chinese firms: The moderating effects of home country government support and host country institutions' in the Journal of International Business Studies

Organizational Theory and Behaviour:

Santi Furnari's paper 'Interstitial Spaces: Micro-Interaction Settings and the Genesis of New Practices between Institutional Fields' in the Academy of Management Review

Peter  Fleming's  and Andre Spicer's paper 'Power in Management and Organization Science' in the Academy of Management Annals

Cliff Oswick's paper 'Discourses of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion : Trenchant Formulations or Transient Fashions?' in the British Journal of Management

Paula Jarzabkowski's, Rebecca Bednarek's and Laure Cabantous's paper titled 'Conducting global team-based ethnography: Methodological challenges and reflections'', in Human Relations

Amanda Goodall's paper 'Expert Leaders in a Fast Moving Environment' in Leadership Quarterly

Jo Silvester's paper 'Reflecting on the labyrinth: Investigating Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Leaders' Career Experiences Using Template Analysis ' in Human Relations.

Laura Empson's paper 'Managing Partners and Management Professionals: Institutional Work Dyads in Professional Partnerships', Empson L., Cleaver, I. and Allen, J. (2013), Journal of Management Studies, 50(5), p.808-844

Information Management: 

Harry Scarbrough's paper 'Coordinating Expertise Across Knowledge Boundaries in Offshore-Outsourcing Projects: The Role of Codification' in MIS Quarterly.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Sebastien Mena's paper 'Activism for corporate responsibility: Conceptualizing private regulation opportunity structures' in the Journal of Management Studies

Jean Pascal Gond's paper 'The visible hands of consultants in the construction of the markets for virtue: Translating issues, negotiating boundaries and enacting responsive regulations' in Human Relations 

Marketing and Social Psychology:

Irene Scopelliti's paper 'Bias Blind Spot. Structure, Measurement, and Consequences.' in Management Science

George Balabanis's paper 'Emergent Marketing Strategies and Performance: The Effects of Market Uncertainty and Strategic Feedback Systems' in the British Journal of Management

Thorsten Hennig-Thurau paper 'The importance of reciprocal spillover effects for the valuation of bestseller brands: introducing and testing contingency model' in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Vince Mitchell's paper, The Role of Imagination and Brand Personification in Brand Relationships' in Psychology and Marketing 

Chris Storey's paper 'Mixing communication modes for learning & proficiency during new service development' in R&D Management

Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Caroline Wiertz's paper 'Does Twitter Matter? An Investigation of the Impact of Microblogging Word-of-Mouth on Consumers Early Adoption of New Products' in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Caroline Wiertz's paper 'Exploring Consumptive Moments of Value-Creating Practice in Online Community' in Psychology and Marketing.


Susan Hill's paper 'Ambidexterity and survival in corporate venture units' in the Journal of Management

Charles Baden-Fuller's and Sam Kamuriwo's paper 'Sparrow Therapeutics Exit Strategy', in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Sam Kamuriwo's paper 'Venture Capital Contracting in Theory and Practice: Implications for Entrepreneurial Research' in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Costas Andriopoulos's paper 'Paradoxical leadership to enable strategic agility in, California Management Review

Vangelis Souitaris's and Stefania Zerbinati's S. paper 'How do Corporate Venture Capitalists do Deals? An Exploration of Corporate Investment Practices' in Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Operations Management: 

Mohan Sodhi's paper 'Research opportunities in supply chains with the poor as suppliers or distributors' in Production and Operations Management Mohan Sodhi's paper 'Reducing the risk of supply chain 'Reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions' in Sloan Management Review

Mohan Sodhi's paper ' Buttressing supply chains for flood relief in Asia for humanitarian relief and economic recovery' in Production and Operations Management

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Rigorous, stimulating and international

Within this context, we offer a combination of rigorous PhD-level training, supervised by leading researchers in the field. As a consequence of this excellence, over 100 Alumni PhDs have entered top business schools and leading commercial organisations worldwide.

Crucially, our research activity brings together a wide variety of international staff and students. This diverse range of experience and background creates a uniquely stimulating environment.