Bursaries for Masters Students | Cass Business School

Every year multiple students on our Masters Programme are awarded this bursary in recognition of their previous outstanding academic achievements.

This award is open to all applicants on full-time courses on the full-time courses on the MSc Programme.

There is no need to apply for the bursary as it is awarded by the Admissions Panel and the candidates are shortlisted from the overall pool of successful applicants. The decisions are made on a merit basis and the bursaries are either allocated at the time the offer on the course is made or in August.

The award amount is usually 10% of the tuition fees (and no more than 15%), and takes the form of a discount deducted from the second instalment of the tuition fees in January.

Terms and Conditions of Awards

Please be informed that it is Masters Programme policy that only one scholarship/bursary award/alumni discount can be offered to each applicant. Should you be awarded any other scholarship or be funded by an outside source (with the exception of a repayable bank loan) you would have to make a choice of which award you would like to accept.

All scholarships, bursaries and discounts are credited towards the second instalment of tuition fees; students are therefore required to pay the whole of the first instalment (or the remaining fees if the award is larger than half the tuition fees) during registration.